• MIDDLE-EAST AFRICA BUSINESS AWARD 2023 Best Website & CRM Development Agency - East Africa

  • AFRICAN EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER 2023 For Best Web Development Agency

Shark Network Services

Shark Network Services, located in Mauritius, is a renowned organization that specializes in the fields of Web Development and Hosting Services. With a proven track record of 16 years, our primary focus is on the ideation, design, creation, and deployment of websites and mobile applications for clients both within Mauritius and on a global scale.

Furthermore, our company has been honored with the prestigious African Excellence Award for Best Web Development Agency of 2023, recognizing our exceptional services in Africa and Mauritius.

Company Profile-Key Facts

The dynamism inherent in a start-up, coupled with a deeply-rooted and extensive expertise.

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What we do

We assist in facilitating the transition into the realm of the internet.

  • At our company, we have a strong focus on creating websites and applications for a wide variety of businesses, government organizations, and individual clients.
  • Our team of experts is here to provide you with professional consultancy services, helping you choose the best solutions for your company.
  • At our company, our team of skilled professionals specializes in creating customized websites that perfectly cater to our clients’ unique preferences. We not only focus on improving the functionality of the websites but also ensure that their company’s content is presented in the most optimal way.
  • We are here to assist customers in selecting the best hosting services, whether it be for email, security, or any other needs they may have. We understand that each customer has their own specific requirements and budget limitations, and we take those factors into careful consideration when providing guidance.

Our Mission

At our web development agency, our main goal is to help businesses and individuals succeed in the online world by offering creative and effective web solutions. Our strategic approach is based on three core principles:

1. Client-Centric Approach: We place utmost importance on comprehending the distinctive requirements and objectives of our clients. By conducting comprehensive consultations and fostering open lines of communication, we ensure that our web development solutions align seamlessly with their vision. We endeavor to cultivate enduring partnerships founded on trust, transparency, and exceptional client service.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology: We remain at the forefront of emerging web development trends and technologies. Our team of highly skilled developers and designers continuously enhance their expertise to deliver unparalleled solutions. We harness the power of the latest tools and frameworks to create visually stunning, user-friendly, and technologically advanced websites. Our ultimate aim is to equip our clients with a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

3. Results-Driven Approach: We are fully committed to generating tangible outcomes for our clients. Our focus lies in crafting websites that not only captivate but also yield measurable results, such as increased traffic, higher conversions, and enhanced user engagement. Through meticulous data analysis, optimization techniques, and continuous monitoring, we strive to ensure that our web solutions contribute significantly to the success and growth of our clients’ businesses.

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We look for employees who are talent
  • MIDDLE-EAST AFRICA BUSINESS AWARD 2023 Best Website & CRM Development Agency - East Africa

  • AFRICAN EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER 2023 For Best Web Development Agency